Keep taxes simple, easy to comply with, and easy to collect — The more complex a tax, the greater the costs for the government to administer it and the greater the compliance costs for taxpayers to determine their liability and report it. Simplicity also breeds a sense of fairness among taxpayers due to greater understanding.

What we are

The Directorate General of Taxation and Property, under the authority of its Director General, is the technical organ that assists the Minister in the discharge of his duties on issues of taxation. We are responsible for ensuring that individuals and businesses pay the taxes they owe. In addition to verifying that tax returns are filed properly.


Make taxes transparent and visible — Taxpayers should know that a tax exists, why the tax is being levied, who's responsible for the tax, and how it's calculated and paid. As a matter of economics, when taxes are visible it allows citizens to make informed judgments about the relationship between their tax burden and the types and levels of government services provided to them. Ensuring that taxpayers “feel” their tax burdens helps ensure that government remains accountable to its citizens.