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Appointed to the Council of Ministers on December 27, 2018, the new Director General of Taxes and Domains has a wealth of experience in taxation and finance.
Ludovic Itoua will officially take office on January 4 in Brazzaville, following a briefing with his predecessor, Antoine Ngakosso. The promoted graduate holds a tax inspector’s diploma from the National School of Taxation and Finance in Brussels, Belgium. Before his appointment, this senior 7th level tax inspector had held the post of central director of petroleum taxation since July 2018. He made his professional career in Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Nkayi, assuming various functions among which those of assistant divisional inspector in the division of petroleum taxation in Pointe-Noire and of divisional inspector in division of petroleum taxation. At the academic level, after obtaining a baccalaureate C, Ludovic Itoua embraced university studies leading to a bachelor of economics, applied macroeconomics option and a master of economics (economic policies). Ludovic Itoua takes the reins of the general direction of the taxes and the fields at the time when the country crosses an acute economic and financial crisis, due to the lowering of the prices of the barrel of oil on the international market.