Mission and Values

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Our Mission

Act as an agent of the Government to serve the nation responsively, with competence, pride, commitment and empathy.

Our Vision

A dynamic team of competent and committed people and community in nation-building and inclusive growth.

Corporate goals and core values

Our corporate goals are to:

  • Foster a competitive tax environment that supports inclusive growth
  • Enhance organisational and achieve a high level of staff competence and satisfaction

We are guided by these core values:

INTEGRITY - Do what is right without fear or favour in all circumstances

PROFESSIONALISM - Serve our nation responsively, with competence, pride, commitment and empathy

INNOVATION - Continuously seek new ways to do our work better


The symbol has our country colors of red, orange and green to project DGID as a firm but fair tax administration. The 2 people in union symbol and colors embody our corporate values and it is a rallying sign for us. It inspires and imbues us with pride in the organisation. The circular base reflects integrity and reason embodied in the tax collection role of DGID.